Drought of 2007

Eastern Europe

Drought Event Summary

Beginning in the winter of 2007, a drought developed in southeastern Europe, continuing into the summer. The primary areas affected are those countries that surround the Black Sea and central Italy.

The 2007 event was not particularly extensive, with regard to area affected, but was quite severe in these localized regions.

Drought Statistics

Approx. duration: 2/2007-8/2007

Date of SPI-6 min: 30/4/2007

Affected regions: Eastern Europe

Climatological Drought

A precipitation deficit developed during the winter of 2007 across most of eastern Europe. By late spring and early summer this deficit was confined to southeastern Europe, in Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

A more localized drought developed in central and northern Italy, reaching a maximum in late June .

Progression of climatological (SPI-6) drought. Climatological drought is defined by the SPI-6, which sums precipitation over the previous 6 months and transforms this value to the standard normal distribution. Negative SPI values (shown in red) represent dry conditions, measured in standard deviations from typical conditions. Percent area in drought is calculated by summing all cells less than the 20th percentile (SPI < -0.84).

Drought Impacts

In the year 2007 drought impacts were reported in several parts of Europe, including fish kill in Norway and Netherlands or forest fires in Sweden. Also some regions had already experienced drought conditions during 2006, what applies also to the Po basin. Because the flow of the Po had reached a historically low level in due to drought in 2006 and deficient winter precipitation, the Italian government declared a state of emergency in April 2007, but thanks to above-average rainfalls flow was in the normal range again in June (R&SPI Po basin Case study flyer; Sepulcre-Canto et al., 2012). However, like with the 2000 event, the South-Eastern European region seems particularly hit by the drought in 2007 with estimated economic costs of at least 1.5 billion Euros (Demuth, 2009). The year 2007 was also identified as one of the major drought years in the period 1969-2009 in the South Eastern European regions by Herceg (2012) using an adapted Palfai-Index (Hungarian agricultural drought index). A drought disaster was declared particularly for Moldova by EM-DAT. Specific non-agricultural drought impacts reported: Hydropower production of the Fierza plant, being the second largest hydropower plant in Albania, was only 33% of average production and in Croatia inland navigation ceased completely (AUA, 2011).

Location of drought impact reports. Darker colors refer to more reported impacts in the EDII. Scroll over each country to see more detail.

Impact Detail Table

Drought Event Country Start Date End Date Impact Impact Category Impact Description NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3 Reference
2004-06 United Kingdom United Kingdom 1/2007 2/2007 7.3 Bans on domestic and public water use (e.g. car washing, watering the lawn/garden, irrigation of sport fields, filling of swimming pools ) South East Water have a continuing hosepipe ban. South East