Becoming an EDC Member

If you agree that a step towards combating drought involves joint efforts from scientists, water managers and policy makers then you should become a member of EDC. Although the centre has a European dimension, organisations and individuals from outside Europe are welcome, because we seek and encourage a stronger global cooperation on drought issues.

The EDC offers:

easy access to updated and relevant information on drought activities in Europe and outside;

information on the current drought situation in Europe;

archived information on historical droughts in Europe and outside;

dissemination of key publications from members;

access to a database of drought experts and their fields of expertise;

to be member of a large network of European drought experts that increases the possibilities to get involved in new initiatives;

to disseminate regional and country specific information and research initiatives on drought on a common European website.

Your name and organisation will be included in the list with members on the EDC website under 'Members'.

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